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10:28 AM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #67359 (Gemeldet): add link to the content manager page in the frontend with activated StyleEdit4
In the admin is a button "Open page in StyleEdit4" when you edit a Content Manager page. By clicking on this button t... Philip Rogge
09:56 AM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #67358 (Gemeldet): add content zones to content-manager-pages
Each Content Manager page contains two individual content zones. One above the content of the page, one below the con... Philip Rogge


06:57 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #67356 (Erledigt): Change theme name via in StyleEdit4
The user should be able to change the name of his theme individually. For this there will be a new menu item "Edit na... Philip Rogge


02:13 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #67315 (Erledigt): Add new images for button widget to show primary, secondary and other styles.
Philip Rogge


11:13 AM GX-Entwicklung GX-Abgewiesen #64451 (Abgewiesen): Content-Zones - Section: Align center doesn't work
Philip Rogge


03:40 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #66711 (Gemeldet): Add variants for the product modifiers (rounded, square)
Philip Rogge
03:38 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #66710 (Gemeldet): If the option "Adjust image responsive" is active, the input fields for width and height should not be displayed
Philip Rogge
03:08 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #66707 (Gemeldet): ColorPicker should only apply color when you have clicked "OK"
Philip Rogge
02:56 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Feature #66706 (Erledigt): Add a new footer-variant with a content zone
Add a content-zone, which has the following settings by default:
- 4 columns
- Column 1: Text widget with a new, ...
Philip Rogge


02:26 PM GX-Entwicklung GX-Abgewiesen #66505 (Anerkannt): Cookie Consent Tool und iframe funktionieren nicht wie gewünscht.
Philip Rogge

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