GX-Bug #49961

Updated by Daniel Würdemann over 5 years ago

Merge Request:


Plugin Changelog Version 2.9.41:

* fixed issue with calculating customer group discounts

Plugin Changelog Version 2.9.40:

* uses Shopgate Library 2.9.58
* fixed shipping taxes in order import


Library Changelog Version 2.9.58

* fixed 'undefined index' notice in ShopgateBuilder
* fixed turning on error_reporting for all errors by default

Library Changelog Version 2.9.57

* fixed missing plugin_version in JSON response

Library Changelog Version 2.9.56

* fixed class names for logging classes to avoid duplicate declarations
* removed self-logging functionality from ShopgateLibraryException
* added proper stack trace generation
* added proper handlers for errors and exceptions
* added a new shutdown function to be able to log fatal errors that cause a script to stop unexpectedly
* moved initialization of error reporting settings and handlers from ShopgatePluginApi to ShopgateBuilder
* ShopgatePluginApi is now working with the "logging strategy" introduced in 2.9.55 if it was set
* ShopgatePluginApi is now using the stack trace generation mentioned above if it was set
* ShopgatePluginApi won't log stack traces anymore when using ShopgateLogger to avoid logging sensitive information
* deprecated ShopgateLogger
* added ShopgateClient to ShopgateCartBase to distinguish between the mobile clients
* added error code to remove items silently in the cart validation * replaced "document.write" with asynchronous loading of mobile redirect / mobile header
* added Content-Length header to Response objects for CSV, XML and JSON repsonses

Library Changelog Version 2.9.55

* refactored ShopgateLogger to be able to pass a strategy for logging

Library Changelog Version 2.9.54

* adjusting CartCustomer object properties to contain an empty group array

Library Changelog Version 2.9.53

* added missing entries to composer.json
* fix for category asArray method when image is missing

Library Changelog Version 2.9.52

* extended method clear_cache so plugin related cache files can be deleted as well

Library Changelog Version 2.9.51

* http/js redirect split via new forwarder class


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