GX-Bug #67805

Fix sidebar categories menu duplication on the product listing page

Added by Anis Mashku about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Die Kategorien auf der linken Seite der Listenseite Kategorien / Produkte werden nicht mehr doppelt angezeigt.



  1. Create a filter for a product: Catalog > Product-filter
  2. On the "Features startpage" block (the last block), on the same page add your filter clicking on the "Add" button and then hit "Save"
  3. Go to one category: Categories > Categories / Products and edit one Category
  4. In the "Category filter" settings add the filter created earlier and hit "Save" (button inside the Category Filter box)
  5. Go to Layout/Design > Template-Settings and search for the "Category menu" option
  6. Activate "Show vertical category navigation in the sidebar" and save it.
  7. Go to SE4 and make sure that the "Show menu boxes on: Categories and Product Listings is inactive " (if you already know how to do it, jump to step 11)
  8. Activate the "Expert mode" -> Bottom left of the StyleEdit4
  9. Go to Areas > Menu Boxes > Activate Menu Boxes on
  10. Deactivate the option Categories and Product Listings and hit save
  11. Go to the Category page on the shop

Result: the categories are duplicated.
Expected: the categories should be displayed only once.



Updated by Anis Mashku about 2 years ago

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Updated by Alexandre Ataides about 2 years ago

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